Social events, picnics

Social encounters. Laughter. Chat. Competitions.

We combine business world in cheerful note
And playfulness of business everyday life,
We bind successfulness with relaxed
And satisfaction in simple.

Do you take enough care of maintaining and strengthening your companionable and social contacts with your existing and potentially new clients and business partners? Organize a social event to increase your reputation and recognizability in wider public. Prepare a field for successful development of your activity with a help of diversified network of business or social contacts and with social events.

»Working with OKEJ animators is really OKEJ. They have interesting ideas for how to energize social events for all age groups. They take care of the props, they carry out an entire event as agreed and they truly make an effort doing this. You really get a feeling that they enjoy what they do and this is not just "business" for them. We worked with them twice so far at our annual picnic that Revoz prepares for employees and their families and both times we were 100 % satisfied.«

Renata Bele, Sce. communication
Revoz d.d.


Lea from OKEJ Agency prepared us a winter team bonding program and all the co-workers agreed that we never had such fun and instructive gathering. We all got to know each other in a new- better perspective and this program was especially useful for our new employees who joined our team just recently. For sure we will work with Lea and her agency OKEJ again in summer!

Jožko Križan, Managing Director OKS-Olimp d.o.o.

Lea I will always remember you because you executed our event perfectly. You took over an entire concern and arranged all details that made our event really special and »very OKEJ

Jana Šav Philips Slovenia d.o.o.

Lea organized MORE than just OKEJ New Year´s party for employees at Diners Club which we will not forget for a long time.
Thank you for beautiful memories!

Jerneja Jakopič, Marketing Manager Diners club SLO d.o.o.

Workshop took place in a very pleasant atmosphere. All the participants got their chance and gained a lot of additional knowledge through relaxed exercises and tasks. We did not even know that we were learning about new ideas for our future work so we would easily handle children that are very demanding clients. Now we look forward of new workshops. To sum it up: Education was SUCCESSFUL! Education was GREAT! Education fulfilled all the GOALS!
Natalija Pristavec, Chairwoman Društvo Moja odločitev

It was very fun even though children were losing concentration at the end of the show. But then they finally welcomed Santa Claus.
They sang together and danced on the stage and then anxiously anticipated gifts.
Both children and parents were very satisfied with the event so we will repeat it next year.

Tjaša Purgaj AdriaticSlovenica d.d.

Basic principles of employees in company Gorenje IPC are connecting employees from different business processes and striving towards realization of joint goals. Besides that, honest and open communication is also very important because it leads to recognizing and solving everyday problems and tasks. With that purpose we use different methods of strengthening mutual relations and enhancement of values and as well increasing team approach of solving problems. Because of good experiences with organizing encounters for employees with elements of team work we decided to cooperate with agency OKEJ this year again. We really enjoyed in program that prepared for us the organizer and motivator of agency Lea Tomc. The journey itself from Velenje to beautiful valley of Kolpa filled us with adrenaline and aroused the spirit of rivalry, connection and desire to win. All activities were carefully planned, unobtrusive and perfectly executed. Moments that we spent together joined us together in total cohesion, because we stayed up for a long time and analyzing events. Even today we like to remember our socializing and we all agree: "It was worthily, memorable and all in all OKEJ!"

Mirko Rožanc, Managing Director Gorenje IPC

At Gorenje Toolmaking we try to combine different departments with each other with goal of creating the best cooperation and intensive communication. With that purpose we organize various activities. At gathering of employees with elements of team work that OKEJ team organized we experienced something completely different. For the first time we were able to come together in such great number outside the company. In honest spirit of collaboration, mutual help and harmonized work we were able to find the best outcome possible. After slightly reserved beginning all 16 teams started to truly compete for maximal success. Tasks that we executed united us and arouse the wish for winning and overcoming. Event truly reached our goal because after official conclusion we independently organized ourselves into various sports games and stayed together until late night hours. It was really OKEJ!

dr. Blaž Nardin, Managing Director, Gorenje Toolmaking d.o.o.

This year for a third year in a row our company organized a picnic for employees. So we decided that this year we also want to cooperate with team OKEJ. Team prepared a cheerful and versified program with interesting games that spiced up our Saturday picnic.

Vanja Cukjati, General Personnel Department Manager LASSANA d.d.